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IntroducIng Seriously Smooth, ultra-fast actIon performance. the Sage METHOD. New for 2014. 

You didn’t become an expert caster just to say you did. And you didn’t do it overnight, either. You practiced, fished hard, and got better because you wanted to catch more fish, more often. You paid your dues, and you met the fish on their own terms, which meant getting the fly out to places they felt the safest: out of the range of merely average casts. Fast action rods have always been a part of your success, and the new METHOD gives you more of what you love most. Like our fastest line speeds to punch through the wind and to carry the biggest, bulkiest, heaviest flies in your box out to where they can strut their stuff.

Built using KonneticTM technology, the METHOD takes
all the strength and lightweight advantages of our proprietary aerospace materials and places them in an ultra smooth, ultra light, high performance fast-action that feels like you’ve grabbed onto a hand-held rocket. With built-in afterburners, no less, thanks to the aggressive 
tapering from butt-to-tip that flawlessly transmits casting energy so that you never feel you have to push this rod to push beyond previous casting limits. Simply put, this is always enough rod.

Only after noting its seductive Magma red blank do you realize you’re landing your fly wherever you choose, from close-in casts out to “no freakin’ way!” You’re used to being able to stretch out a rod, but the distance at which you can cast the METHOD with precise accuracy is what separates it from all the others. That’s due in part to the vibration-free tracking that Konnetic technology provides, to help keep your cast true from way over here out to way over there. You’ll always be learning, but here’s a rod you won’t outgrow anytime soon. After all, experience can’t be faked, only rewarded.